What lies ahead for your child….

The challenges of the future are highly complex, nuanced and volatile. They will require not only creativity to address, but adaptability too, as workplaces shift and the nature of work becomes more task-oriented and temporary.

The rise of the machine industry ie robotics and automation will drastically change workplaces, so students need to be equipped with the soft skills to interact with these new systems successfully.

Increasingly, students will need to be equipped with the soft skills that will be needed for an increasingly uncertain future.




The importance of the student/tutor relationship

There is an extensive body of research that strongly suggests the single most significant factor affecting impacting upon a child’s capacity to learn, is the quality of the teacher or instructor.

Quite simply, the teacher makes the difference. When you choose Performance Coaching for Kids International, you are selecting a teacher, coach, tutor and instructor with decades of experience and an extensive record of student success– a tutor with a sense of fun, who can explain and communicate clearly and succinctly, and who can deliver high expectations, constant positive pressure, and encouragement. A tutor who can, however, offer additional services for your whole child, to assist them to adapt to a changing world.


Educating students isn’t just about making them high performing rote learners or getting high test results. It is about equipping them with the soft skills that will be needed in an increasingly uncertain future.


This is why Performance Coaching for Kids adds a suite of complementary offerings to academic tuition to develop your child into an adaptable, creative and resilient individual.