"Mark is a positive driving force. I have been lucky enough to witness how he coaches kids to believe in themselves, do better, reach higher, have better grades and most of all be happy with who they are.
I can't recommend his high-quality service more! Thanks again Mark!"
By Kirilee Taylor

We want our children to do well. When they lack confidence or motivation, when they struggle; when they are anxious or stressed, as parents, we feel that too. We worry that somehow, despite our best intentions - we are failing.

Enlightened parents want their kids to feel good about themselves. They know that their child is unique and complex. They understand that academic performance should not come at the expense of well-being and happiness.

For life in the 21st century, young learners need to develop soft skills- self-reliance, resilience, adaptability, resourcefulness, confidence, creativity.

That's why you need Performance Coaching for Kids (PCK) - a  bespoke tuition service to develop and nurture your whole child by supplementing their academic learning with a range of options selected to enhance self-esteem, physical fitness, and socio-emotional health.

We are not an enrichment program.  Rather, we are your child's personalized partner in navigating their primary and secondary school academic journeys, whether in a public or private educational institution setting, in a thoughtful, mindful, grounded and fulfilling manner best suited for their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, and their life goals.

Whether your child is an underachiever, overachiever, unmotivated, stressed, an ADHD or Dyslexia sufferer, PCK can give you the support you need.

I want what you want. I want your kids to do well and to be happy.

Watch Mark in action!